Anamorphose des Autors

Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis
Andreas L. Hofbauer, anamorphosis

Anamorphosis of the author during a public reading for Der Konterfei in Vienna, March 2015. “Early 18th century: from Greek anamorphōsis ‘transformation’, from ana- ‘back, again’ + morphosis ‘a shaping’ (from morphoun ‘to shape’, from morphē ‘shape, form’).” (Oxford Dictionaries)

Pic by Travis Sohan Lehtonen

Endymions Barke /// HER

Endymion HER oikos

“Wenn man gegen den Latmos über ein Flüsschen kommt, zeigt man das Grab des Endymion in einer Höhle.” (Strabon)

Andreas L. Hofbauer followed Endymions Carian boat to reach the House with the Laughing Windows. Get your copy of the book here!

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